Stretching and core strengthening

Well since I’m side-lined with what appears to be shin-splints, I am doing my best to just stretch and concentrate on other types of fitness that won’t aggravate this until I can go back to running, perhaps less aggressively. Thursday, my friend gave me some personal training on the Eliptical. … Continue reading

Day 3: GPS works, woohoo

This morning I was a little more organized and remembered to bring my egg-timer. I’m getting better and preparing but I’m also painfully aware that I need my own gear. Yesterday, I realized like a dunderhead, that I was mapping not only my running route, but my warm up and … Continue reading

Day 1: My running journey begins

Running is always a sport I admired. It’s something that everyone can related to. We all ran as children. It requires very little equipment, it can be done in just about every place, it can be done alone or with a team. It also has fantastic health benefits. It’s great … Continue reading