The Black Swan

Tonight I saw the Black Swan. It is a story about repression and cowardice. It’s about controlling and being controlled. It’s about co-dependancy and the isolation and distorted thinking it brings. It’s about the drive for perfection making it ultimately impossible to be perfect. This film is deeply disturbing but … Continue reading

The beginning of the end of BSG

I just finished rewatching last nights season premiere of Battlestar Gallactica. It took a lot of gearing up to get back into the show after such a long hiatus. My overall impression is there is a lot more to come in the plot.Despite some unanticipated twists in the plot, I … Continue reading

Day 3: GPS works, woohoo

This morning I was a little more organized and remembered to bring my egg-timer. I’m getting better and preparing but I’m also painfully aware that I need my own gear. Yesterday, I realized like a dunderhead, that I was mapping not only my running route, but my warm up and … Continue reading