Announcing a concert of art songs, Oct 1, 2016

I am pleased to announce that I will be performing at the 2nd Annual Monroe Music Festival in Monroe, Connecticut on October 1, 2016. I will sing selections from the art song canon composed by Mozart, Fauré, Chausson, Donaudy, Rogers and Hammerstein, Weill, and Menotti. The festival, in its second year, hosted by the Monroe Congregational […]

Carrie Underwood in The Sound of Music

When I heard there would be a new production of the Sound of Music I had mixed feelings. The sound of music is one of my favorite movies and Julie Andrews is probably the only celebrity I have ever admired. (I have never been a groupie.) Julie Andrews was my inspiration and idol. I grew […]

The Black Swan

Tonight I saw the Black Swan. It is a story about repression and cowardice. It’s about controlling and being controlled. It’s about co-dependancy and the isolation and distorted thinking it brings. It’s about the drive for perfection making it ultimately impossible to be perfect. This film is deeply disturbing but thought provoking. It’s style is […]

The beginning of the end of BSG

I just finished rewatching last nights season premiere of Battlestar Gallactica. It took a lot of gearing up to get back into the show after such a long hiatus. My overall impression is there is a lot more to come in the plot.Despite some unanticipated twists in the plot, I was generally overwhelmed. It seemed […]

Day 3: GPS works, woohoo

This morning I was a little more organized and remembered to bring my egg-timer. I’m getting better and preparing but I’m also painfully aware that I need my own gear. Yesterday, I realized like a dunderhead, that I was mapping not only my running route, but my warm up and cool down route, and incorporating […]

How do you get your ‘mansuit’ clean? Buy Dial for men!

Sometimes you have to wonder what is going through the mind of advertising executives. The exact text on the label says: The problem? Is it possible to get really clean, remove rough skin, and eliminiate odor from your mansuit without drying it? No, it’s not a typo! More later! The result: Your hair covered, meat […]