This morning I was a little more organized and remembered to bring my egg-timer. I’m getting better and preparing but I’m also painfully aware that I need my own gear.

Yesterday, I realized like a dunderhead, that I was mapping not only my running route, but my warm up and cool down route, and incorporating it to my overall time. I certainly don’t need to take time measurements at this stage of the game. It’s not important since I’m walking half of the time. But it’s still interesting.

I got my GPS working this time, and mapped just my run-walk. This morning, I was able to complete the entire sequence 1/1 x 10. Although looking at the time, I must of dropped a minute somewhere. That wasn’t intentional.

Here are the stats on the website, which absolutely make no sense to me since I was walking part of the time.

Something must be amiss because I’m certainly not doing a 6 minute mile, unless of course it is only recording the time I’m running. But I can’t imagine this GPS software being that smart.

Near the end of my run, my legs were less like led. But overall, my calves and hamstrings feel very tight and strung out. They were like this for the past two days. I’m sure it will just take time to get used to it.

I have been following a somewhat aggressive plan, since it was the only plan I could find that would email me a daily prescription. I’m going to have to slow it down to my pace. It’s just too aggressive.

I already have a wish list of things I want or need.

  • Pedometer – I may no longer need this. I’ll keep testing my GPS on my phone. I just found a new setting that gives some sort of cue every 1 minute, or something you can set. We’ll see how that works on my next run outdoors.
  • Tube socks – For some reason, all of my white socks are peds. Either that, or my husband steals all of my socks that have any length above the ankles
  • Under garmets – both long underwear and just plain t-shirts that wick away sweat.
  • Heavy guage pants – I can’t keep wearing my husband’s

    I can use all of this stuff anyway because I do like to do outdoor things at times in the cold.

  • Running shoes – eventually. I’m ok with the shoes I have for now. Once I’m able to do longer distances without walking, I probably will need to get them.