Couch to 5K — I’m running again

I started out enthusiastically running in sub-zero temperatures. I was making tangible progress in a short time. Unfortunately, it didn’t take very long to become sidelined with an injury. I got shin-splints. No matter what I did, they did not heal. Walking down the street became very painful for me, especially when there was any […]

My TD bank five boro ride

Back in February, I got in into my head that I wanted to ride in the TD Bank 5 Boro Bike Tour. I’m a beginner rider, and I wanted to try something new and fun. But also something difficult, that I had to train for, and could be proud of. Besides, it’s not every day […]

My struggles with body image and my fitness challenge

Once I hit puberty, I was never a ‘skinny’ girl. I always had curves, but not always in the places I thought were the right places. It didn’t bother me so much when I was younger because I always wore a size 8, and was very small on top. It gave me the advantage of […]

Stretching and core strengthening

Well since I’m side-lined with what appears to be shin-splints, I am doing my best to just stretch and concentrate on other types of fitness that won’t aggravate this until I can go back to running, perhaps less aggressively. Thursday, my friend gave me some personal training on the Eliptical. It was a challenging workout […]

Running supplemental – January 8, 2009

If any of you have been following my blog, you know I just started a new running regiment. I was getting a little better each day and feeling great about it. My last run was on a treadmill, and every single step I took hurt. I figured I was just sore from doing something new. […]

Day 4: Yuck the treadmill

I had to go to work today and if I wanted to keep up my training routine, I had to go to the gym and do it on a treadmill. This is a very different experience than running out in the street. You think it would be more pleasant because the climate is better, but […]

Day 2: Off again on my fitness journey

It turns out my husband called in sick so I had a lot more flexibility and was able to go out for a run. It was a lot easier getting out the door this morning because I had a better idea what clothing I could wear that would be appropriate. I forgot my egg-timer so […]

Day 1: My running journey begins

Running is always a sport I admired. It’s something that everyone can related to. We all ran as children. It requires very little equipment, it can be done in just about every place, it can be done alone or with a team. It also has fantastic health benefits. It’s great for your cardiovascular health, it […]

So it begins again, can we call this day 1?

This morning I was a little more organized and remembered to bring my egg-timer. I’m getting better and preparing but I’m also painfully aware that I need my own gear. Yesterday, I realized like a dunderhead, that I was mapping not only my running route, but my warm up and cool down route, and incorporating […]