It turns out my husband called in sick so I had a lot more flexibility and was able to go out for a run.

It was a lot easier getting out the door this morning because I had a better idea what clothing I could wear that would be appropriate. I forgot my egg-timer so I had to count the seconds on each leg of my repetition. So I eventually lost track of the number of reps. Since I remember that the midway point yesterday was after 5 repetitions, I used that geographical benchmark to start my trip back. However, I altered the route slightly for the sake of variety.

I also wanted to try out the new MapMyRun application for the iPhone. But I had a technological glitch that I wasn’t aware of until after my run was ended. I didn’t notice a pop up screen that told me that my GPS signal was weak, prompting me to go ahead and start recording anyway. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.

Overall, the run went a little bit better than yesterday though my feet still felt like led on the way back. But I believe I did more running and less walking this time around. I can’t say anything about my form on my return trip. It must be awful.