Hello Benny!

Welcome to roseba.com.  I’m back online.  I hope to restablish my presence on the web after a very long hiatus from it.  The intention of this website is to talk tech, and add a little bit of my personality as well. So why is this post titled, “Hello Benny!”  Well that’s simple. A new major […]

Carrie Underwood in The Sound of Music

When I heard there would be a new production of the Sound of Music I had mixed feelings. The sound of music is one of my favorite movies and Julie Andrews is probably the only celebrity I have ever admired. (I have never been a groupie.) Julie Andrews was my inspiration and idol. I grew […]

Poverty and Austerity

I go through phases where I spend time on personal development.  This particular phase involves cutting back and living with a little more austerity. I have cut the cable and rid myself of a home phone. I got rid of my 3G on my iPad. It’s a transition not without its headaches, but I think […]

I love swinging

Ah, did the headline get you? Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking about doing the Lindy and Swing. I recently took a beginner class in Swing/Lindy. It was so much fun. I learned some of the basic steps and now have a good idea where this can expand. It was great fun. […]

Day 22 – Transition period not so bad

So it’s been 22 days since I started the no-poo method. As I mentioned in a previous post, I wasn’t going to do this cold turkey. I have too many occasions where I need to look presentable and this was non-negotiable for me. But being very familiar with supply and demand, I knew by simply […]

Baking soda and water is a great shampoo!

So today was going on my third day without a shampoo. Yesterday, I washed my hair, but with water only. It looked ok. Today, not so much. I had it slicked back into a pony-tail, but since I’m sporting a crop doo, it’s pretty hard to keep it in a pony-tail. I was nervous about […]

Joining in on the no-poo phenomenon, maybe

For the last week or so, I have been reading about the no-poo method of hair care. People do this for many reasons, for the environment, for frugality, for chemical-free lifestyles. I’m intrigued for a very different reason. I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to manage very fine, oily, stringy hair. At any […]

Merry day after Christmas, time for deep contemplation

The picture above is my daughter thanking me for a wonderful Christmas. Today is what the Canadians call “Boxing Day”. People run out to stores, and try to get the best bargains they can get, much like Black Friday after Thanksgiving. Blech! This isn’t what I have in mind when I think of Christmas. The […]

My daughter’s ‘Princess’ hair and my own hair realizations

This morning my daughter decided to wear her long hair loose and flowing. She has gorgeous long hair that reaches mid-back. As with most children, her hair is difficult to manage. It is fraught with tangles and she complains when her hair is combed. Nevertheless, the quality of her hair is ten times better than what I had […]