The do’s and don’t on Facebook etiquette

Facebook is a social network that many of us use every day. This is how we connect with friends, family, and in some cases, how people conduct business and networking. People use Facebook for different purposes and they are all legitimate. However, with every cultural trend, comes rules. Because people … Continue reading

Mistakes marketers make with social media

Social Media is widely used in some form by most everyone. One of the most popular social media platforms is Facebook where many people in different demographics gather with their friends, former classmates and family to share photos and other happenings in their lives.  Facebook is widely used by young … Continue reading

About me

My name is Robin.  I am a Web product manager at a large organization, but also consult, develop websites and social media strategies for select clients on the side. I am a single mother. My personal interests include art, music, film, fitness, politics, psychology, travel and many other things. Professionally, I have expertise is all … Continue reading

Roseba Designs

Roseba Designs is a small elite partnership comprised of experts in web design and development, social media, and the sale and market of luxury products and services. If you are interested in one of our services, please contact us below:

Building a responsive website for an artist

Building a responsive website for an artist

Update: July 4, 2016: Unfortunately, Ariel Shallit has still not paid me for my work.  This artist got paid for a commission, took the in-kind services, but did not fulfill the commission. I did not pursue this matter aggressively. I trusted that the artist valued maintaining the integrity of our personal relationship … Continue reading

Culture is as import as talent

Have you ever wondered why long-standing people suddenly leave a company? Often it has to do with culture. Sometimes there is a merger, or a change in management. In small teams, the inclusion or exclusion of one person can have a dramatic impact on the working environment and the culture for all … Continue reading

Hello Benny!

Welcome to  I’m back online.  I hope to restablish my presence on the web after a very long hiatus from it.  The intention of this website is to talk tech, and add a little bit of my personality as well. So why is this post titled, “Hello Benny!”  Well … Continue reading