Drupal, the next evolution of my tech learning?

I am a ‘web developer’ by trade as if that terminology has a lot of meaning. As part of my daily duties, I do a lot of content administration, strategy, and some minimal web development and theming. I also deal with analytics, troubleshooting, quality assurance and SEO. It’s really a mixed bag. I’m good at […]

Explaining sex to my 5 year old

My daughter has been on this kick for a while. She wants siblings. She has been asking me relentlessly for at least two years. She wants to know if I have a boyfriend, who he is, if we’re going to get married, if there are other children. Her intrusive questions are legendary. There was one point […]

Giving children an opportunity to grow

Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs you can have. It requires hard work and dedication. In it, you commit 20 years of your life to forming and shaping another human being. If you get it wrong, you can get it really wrong. Besides getting your genetics, your hereditary disease history, your […]

How to delegate responsibility

If you are like me, a bit of a jill-of-all-trades, there comes a time in your employment when you are wearing too many hats. To make the situation worse, my duties within my employ are very diverse, requiring specialized knowledge in a wide-array of subjects, not to be touched again for many months, even years […]

My daughter’s famous slippery tongue

I have yet to meet a person who didn’t laugh or do at least a double take when seeing this. My daughter’s slippery tongue

The Black Swan

Tonight I saw the Black Swan. It is a story about repression and cowardice. It’s about controlling and being controlled. It’s about co-dependancy and the isolation and distorted thinking it brings. It’s about the drive for perfection making it ultimately impossible to be perfect. This film is deeply disturbing but thought provoking. It’s style is […]

Things to be thankful for

It’s always good to have a nice chunk of ‘me’ time to reflect. It makes me appreciate everything I have in my life that much more. And it is always good to articulate what one has to be thankful for. It makes you far more likely to appreciate what you’ve got when you take that […]

Emotionally exhausted

I’ve been really struggling to get a grip on certain things that used to come easy for me. I’ve been through a lot and my friends have often said to me how much they admire my strength, my organization skills, my sunny outlook in life. They commented many times how I seem to do all […]

My daughter learns to read :)

My daughter is an “emergent” reader. She just loves her books. Here is her reading one of them. iv>

Life is a journey

Life is a journey. It is very short and Each of us only gets to make this journey once. Enjoy the journey! Life is a journey. Life’s journey is filled with choices. Whatever choices we have made, We should be responsible, calm and even brave When facing the results brought by our own choices. Life […]