Well since I’m side-lined with what appears to be shin-splints, I am doing my best to just stretch and concentrate on other types of fitness that won’t aggravate this until I can go back to running, perhaps less aggressively.

Thursday, my friend gave me some personal training on the Eliptical. It was a challenging workout involving changing of speeds changing body position, and changing direction of motion. It was followed up with some weight training on the legs, lunges, and some work on the core. I wish I could remember all the things we did. Maybe I’ll have to extract it from his brain and write it down.

After my workout, I felt quite well. I didn’t even feel too bad yesterday… until I got home.

The temperature is ridiculously cold outside, and I believe it was a contributing factor. When I exited the subway, my shins really throbbed. My husband gave me the usual massage after dinner, and again, I applied ice. However, I woke up this morning it a bit of pain. (I mean in the middle of the night!)

I DVR’d a few fitness shows and I happen to have recorded one that was nothing but stretches. I decided to do that and I feel like I really got a good stretch over my entire body. I’ll save that recording and do it regularly for awhile until it can get embedded in my brain as a routine. I followed up with another recording performing core strengthening. This one was a bit above my current fitness level and I’ll probably chose a different video.

It’s too cold to do cardio outside, especially since my winter running gear I ordered hasn’t arrived, and I can only walk right now. I’ll do more cardio when I’m back at work, in the nice warm gym.