Sunday night chicken on a snowy day

Last Thurday, my daughter had a performance at her after school program (following pajama day at her school) and I was asked to bring potato salad. It’s been a long time since I’ve made one and the first batch of potatoes I overcooked. My mind was on mashed potatoes and potatoes for potato salad need […]

Christmas Extravaganza

The thrills and excitement of Christmas for young children never fails to disappoint. We had a nice dinner over my parents followed by late night wrapping of presents and the usual morning excitement to get started opening gifts. My daughter will take this full speed ahead if we don’t restrain her. We have always tried […]

Feeling empowered

I had a great weekend, where I am starting to recognize myself again. I was able to give myself me time, get my “stuff” done, and spend quality time with my daughter. It was a jammed packed weekend, yet I did not feel even the slightest bit of stress. Friday started with going to the […]

Good morning Christmas Eve

I am not much of a writer for this blog. I am a big writer, but it is more personal, things that I don’t want to share on a blog. It’s been a tremendously busy time in my life. The demands of work and single parenting certainly puts a toll on me. I’m learning to […]

Interesting take on my personality

I’m amazed how TRUE it is. Self-Confidence As someone with high self-confidence, you feel quite comfortable interacting with other people. Indeed, you find the company of others very stimulating and enjoy meeting new people. Your relaxed demeanor in groups makes people around you comfortable too. Perhaps because you feel comfortable talking about yourself, others tend […]

Good morning from Timbuktu

It’s been quite a long time since I have made an entry to this blog. I have been extremely busy with a lot of other things in my life. Since WordPress 3 came out, I thought I should probably update the software and all the plugins. So here I am. I’ve been a very busy […]

Tables vs. CSS layout for forms

It’s been very busy for the past few months of work, and at times, it seems all consuming. Most of the time I enjoy being consumed. My day goes fast and I often feel a sense of accomplishment. Something we’ve been struggling with for quite a long while is many of our forms. We have […]

My struggles with body image and my fitness challenge

Once I hit puberty, I was never a ‘skinny’ girl. I always had curves, but not always in the places I thought were the right places. It didn’t bother me so much when I was younger because I always wore a size 8, and was very small on top. It gave me the advantage of […]

Update on my New Year’s resolution and running

I made a pledge to myself at the beginning of this year that I would train to run a 5K race. You haven’t heard from me in a while and perhaps you think I gave up. Far from it. I started this new year gung ho, and went at it with verve and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, […]

The beginning of the end of BSG

I just finished rewatching last nights season premiere of Battlestar Gallactica. It took a lot of gearing up to get back into the show after such a long hiatus. My overall impression is there is a lot more to come in the plot.Despite some unanticipated twists in the plot, I was generally overwhelmed. It seemed […]