Team workHave you ever wondered why long-standing people suddenly leave a company? Often it has to do with culture.

Sometimes there is a merger, or a change in management. In small teams, the inclusion or exclusion of one person can have a dramatic impact on the working environment and the culture for all involved.

Being a good manager is more than thinking stratetically about business objectives and the daily grind of getting things done. It’s about people, loyalty and trust.  It’s about having so much fun getting things done, you forget its work.

A good company culture permeates throughout, all the way down to the lowest rung.  People who work for companies like this are happy and motivated employees and will go the extra mile to achieve strategic objectives and to help each other acheive them.

The old school way of thinking was simply about hiring the best talent, and things will work themselves out. It is a flawed point of view because talented people get restless, especially if their company culture doesn’t help them thrive and grow.  A strong, positive company culture will give your company the competitive edge.

So the new adage should be, get the right mix of talent and culture, and the rest will take care of itself.