It’s been quite a long time since I have made an entry to this blog. I have been extremely busy with a lot of other things in my life. Since WordPress 3 came out, I thought I should probably update the software and all the plugins. So here I am.

I’ve been a very busy beaver. I have been working on a major project at work that keeps me very busy, so that at the end of the day, my mind is drained and I don’t want to think about this blog. I’m performing the role of single parent which hasn’t been that much of a difference in terms of my responsibilities. Still, it limits my free time. I have to be at home to feed my daughter and to put her to bed. So when I do have “free” time, it’s usually taking care of errands that are a necessary part of running the household.

On my weekends without my daughter, I try to do things that I cannot do when I am with her. I went to a food meetup on Memorial day and prepared a bunch of different dishes and met with some great people. That was a lot of fun. I’m still trying to catch up with a bicycling meetup for group rides. I’m still enjoying my bike rides.

I fell off the exercise train. I was doing physical therapy for some time and was not permitted to work out. And once that got lifted, I was just too busy to get out to the gym.

I want to resume this week, despite the fact that my project is in full swing. It’s something that can’t be neglected in definitely and I have a lot more energy and feel better when I am working out regularly. I still want to tackle that beast called running. I just have to be mindful of shin-splints. We shall see.

Upgrading this blog, I realized that there are some problems with Fotobook, the plugin I use to import photos from Facebook. I’m not inclined to debug and troubleshoot at the moment. Previous issues had to do with my version of PHP on my server. I resolved that eventually. I’m not in the mood to deal with this today. Instead, I was thinking of complete overhauling this blog with a new design. There are new technology techniques I want to try out. Of course that will have to wait until after Sept, when the project is finished.

The other thing that happens in Sept, is that my daughter starts Kindergarten. That shall be a big transition for both of us. I’m excited and anxious to see what happens. She’s growing up fast. I think that is about all for now. It’s time to sign off.