I just finished rewatching last nights season premiere of Battlestar Gallactica. It took a lot of gearing up to get back into the show after such a long hiatus. My overall impression is there is a lot more to come in the plot.Despite some unanticipated twists in the plot, I was generally overwhelmed. It seemed this episode missed a great deal of it’s clever story telling and dialog. To me it fell a little flat.

The suicide of Dualla was not anticipated by most who watch this show. I suppose it served as a plot device to illustrate the lack of hope and the severe shock the crew was feeling.

Starbuck finding herself in her viper was unexplainable at first. But having not read any forums on this, I have my theory. She is the deliverer of death. When she cascaded down into that spiral, she brought the nuclear blast onto earth, and incinerated herself in the process. How do I explain her presence. For that I’m not sure. She too much be a cyclon, resurrected.

But wait, isn’t Ellen supposed to be the final five?