My daughter’s ‘Princess’ hair and my own hair realizations

This morning my daughter decided to wear her long hair loose and flowing. She has gorgeous long hair that reaches mid-back. As with most children, her hair is difficult to manage. It is fraught with tangles and she complains when her hair is combed. Nevertheless, the quality of her hair is ten times better than what I had […]

Let my kids swear?

That’s the title of this February Parenting article. One can argue, as the article does, that it is part of the venacular, a part of modern life. I can’t say that is not true, to an extent. There is a time and a context for swear words. But those time should be rare, and the words themselves, should punctuate […]

Dreams do come true: Impressions of Disney World from a single mom

In early May, my daughter and I took a trip to Disney World. It was my first trip to Disney, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It just seemed like the perfect way to get some quality alone time with my daughter, and celebrate her sixth birthday. Disney is a lot different than I […]

My daughter turns six!

Today my daughter turns 6. I thought it would be appropriate to repost the miracle story of her birth. All children are miracles. My daughter’s Birth story I hope I got the times right because the three days leading up to my birth, Fri-Sun are a huge fog to me. My mommy’s water broke around 4:00pm on Friday. She was still […]

Explaining sex to my 5 year old

My daughter has been on this kick for a while. She wants siblings. She has been asking me relentlessly for at least two years. She wants to know if I have a boyfriend, who he is, if we’re going to get married, if there are other children. Her intrusive questions are legendary. There was one point […]

Giving children an opportunity to grow

Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs you can have. It requires hard work and dedication. In it, you commit 20 years of your life to forming and shaping another human being. If you get it wrong, you can get it really wrong. Besides getting your genetics, your hereditary disease history, your […]

My daughter’s famous slippery tongue

I have yet to meet a person who didn’t laugh or do at least a double take when seeing this. My daughter’s slippery tongue