My daughter has been on this kick for a while. She wants siblings. She has been asking me relentlessly for at least two years. She wants to know if I have a boyfriend, who he is, if we’re going to get married, if there are other children. Her intrusive questions are legendary.

There was one point where she believed she would have siblings and when I told her that wasn’t the case, she cried for days.

I told her that her life is perfect the way it is, that she gets to be an only child and get all of mommy’s attention. I certainly have no plans to have any more biological children. But she won’t give up on the idea.

Recently, she told her teacher at school that I was pregnant and told her what I was planning on naming the baby! I said no, I’m not having a baby. She said, “How do you know?” That’s when I had to get crafty and have a talk about how babies are made with her.

It was time for the birds and bees talk. But what do you say to a very inquisitive five year old? I must have had too much coffee that morning because I came up with something perfect, right off the cuff.

ME: You know how you grow a flower?

KID: Yes mommy. You have a seed and you plant it, water it, give it sun, and it grows into a flower.

ME: Exactly.

KID: I don’t understand?

ME: Making a baby is the same way.

KID: Huh?

ME: To make a baby it’s kind of like having seed and soil

KID: Huh?

ME: Mommy is the soil. And daddy has the seed. Daddy put a seed in mommy’s soil, and that is how you were grown. You are like the flower that mommy made with daddy’s help?

KID: Really?!!!

ME: Yup.

KID: Oh, that’s beautiful

ME: No, you’re beautiful. You’re my little flower.