So today was going on my third day without a shampoo. Yesterday, I washed my hair, but with water only. It looked ok. Today, not so much. I had it slicked back into a pony-tail, but since I’m sporting a crop doo, it’s pretty hard to keep it in a pony-tail.

I was nervous about going to work tomorrow, so I decided to to try out the Baking Soda and water shampoo, with the Apple Cider Vinegar conditioner at a time when I had more time to evaluate it. So i went to the $0.99 store and picked up some ketchup and mustard bottles and mixed the concoction. 1 tablespoon of baking soda to 8 ounces of water. The same proportions for the apple cider vinegar. I added a few drops of Jasmine oil to the Apple Cider Vinegar so my hair would smell nice.

For the shampoo, I pointed the nozzles directly at my scalp and tried to get all portions of it without getting too much of my hair. I rinsed well, and then did the opposite with the conditoner. For that, I focused only on my ends of my hair, and toward the middle. I rinsed well, and then rinsed again with cold water.

The result, surprise!!!! This stuff works great. My hair feels really soft and touchable. I have very soft hair to begin with and this brings it over the top. It smells good, has nice body to it. There were no tangles. WOW. I’m impressed.

Now, I’m completely going against the no-poo method by washing my hair this early. But it is all about supply and demand and I know very well how this works. (I was a very dedicated breast-feeder.) I went three days without washing my hair. That is a lot for me. I’m going to work on this, and then work for longer durations, until I find the nice equilibrium. Some people only wash their hair once a month, some more often, some less often. I have to see what works for me.