How do you get your ‘mansuit’ clean? Buy Dial for men!

Sometimes you have to wonder what is going through the mind of advertising executives. The exact text on the label says: The problem? Is it possible to get really clean, remove rough skin, and eliminiate odor from your mansuit without drying it? No, it’s not a typo! More later! The result: Your hair covered, meat […]

What do you remember about the 70′s?

I said to her, “We’ll actually, I remember quite a lot”. While I only vaguely remember some important events, the gas crisis, the NYC blackout, and the hostage crisis. But most of my memories are things that matter to little kids, not adults. I remember preschool vividly. I attended one of the first headstart programs in […]

“Ain’t in awful the heat, ain’t it awful”

So goes the opening line of one of my favorite operattas, Street Scene by Kurt Weill and Langston Hughes. The temperature has been above 95 for three days straight and every one is talking about it, and sweating it. I’m not sweating it, literally, and that’s something pretty bizarre. For the past 5 years, the summer heat barely bothers me. […]

Long hiatus

I took a long hiatus from this blog before I ever really got it going. First, I designed 95% of the theme, and then didn’t finish. I had good intentions, but I got busy. Between work and home responsibilities, it can often be hard to find time or creative energy to do more than the […]

Amusement in small packages

Last night we took my daughter to Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park. It is a small segment ajacent to Coney Island‘s more famous Astroland. But, it seems to have more rides oriented to small children so I thought this would be a better way to go. This is my daughter’s first real experience with a theme park. We’ve gone […]

Moo in a portable container

When doing a major shopping at our local BJ’s, I ran across a 18 pack of Horizon Organic Vanilla Milk, in 8 oz containers. I tasted vanilla milk once and thought it was very tasty. The packaging, essentially dry storage, in the convenient 8 oz. servings looked particularly appealing because any parent who has ever […]

Everywhere, is your living room

So I’m riding on the train, oogling some lady’s adorable bull dog, when something catches my eye on the other end of the car. A man in his 30′s, takes off his t-shirt, reveals his never-been-revealed-to-the-sun chest and back, and proceeds to put on a different shirt, a button down shirt. OK, maybe this man […]

Disney Cinderella Table and Chair set

Yesterday, we bought my daughter a table with two chairs. She likes to do things with her hands, such as build with blocks, color with her crayons, ect. The added bonus, is that it contains a storage basket hidden underneath a panel on the table. She absolutely adores this feature. She will hide her crayons, […]

Coworkers at Multex

My September 11th Story

This was an email written on Sept 11, late in the evening to a friend who was worried about me. It’s been lightly edited for clarity. What a harrowing day! I arrived at the office at 61 Broadway at about 8:45 a.m. My co-workers told me that a small pleasure plane had hit the World […]