Couch to 5K — I’m running again

I started out enthusiastically running in sub-zero temperatures. I was making tangible progress in a short time. Unfortunately, it didn’t take very long to become sidelined with an injury. I got shin-splints. No matter what I did, they did not heal. Walking down the street became very painful for me, … Continue reading

My daughter turns six!

Today my daughter turns 6. I thought it would be appropriate to repost the miracle story of her birth. All children are miracles. My daughter’s Birth story I hope I got the times right because the three days leading up to my birth, Fri-Sun are a huge fog to me. My mommy’s water broke around 4:00pm … Continue reading

My TD bank five boro ride

Back in February, I got in into my head that I wanted to ride in the TD Bank 5 Boro Bike Tour. I’m a beginner rider, and I wanted to try something new and fun. But also something difficult, that I had to train for, and could be proud of. … Continue reading

The Black Swan

Tonight I saw the Black Swan. It is a story about repression and cowardice. It’s about controlling and being controlled. It’s about co-dependancy and the isolation and distorted thinking it brings. It’s about the drive for perfection making it ultimately impossible to be perfect. This film is deeply disturbing but … Continue reading

Things to be thankful for

It’s always good to have a nice chunk of ‘me’ time to reflect. It makes me appreciate everything I have in my life that much more. And it is always good to articulate what one has to be thankful for. It makes you far more likely to appreciate what you’ve … Continue reading

Emotionally exhausted

I’ve been really struggling to get a grip on certain things that used to come easy for me. I’ve been through a lot and my friends have often said to me how much they admire my strength, my organization skills, my sunny outlook in life. They commented many times how … Continue reading