So I’m riding on the train, oogling some lady’s adorable bull dog, when something catches my eye on the other end of the car.

A man in his 30′s, takes off his t-shirt, reveals his never-been-revealed-to-the-sun chest and back, and proceeds to put on a different shirt, a button down shirt.

OK, maybe this man is on his way to work, and can’t go to work wearing a t-shirt. But, it isn’t as if the wardrobe change made a huge difference in the tenor of his attire. He went from wearing a plain t-shirt with shorts and Teva’s, to a button down, collar shirt, with shorts and Teva’s.

This couldn’t have been done at home before he left? What about when he got to the office?

It’s not that I’m offended. It just seems awfully bizarre that there seem to be no boundaries of what people will do in public.

It always bothered me when women put on nail polish on the train. That stuff just smells so bad. It’s very rude. Then there are women plucking their eyebrows, putting on not just lipstick, but a full face of makeup, including liquid foundation. Yuck! Don’t they want to wash their hands? Then there are people clipping their nails.

I have always wanted to play a joke on these people. Perhaps take out a can of shaving cream and start shaving my legs. But of course that would require that I ride the train a lot more often, pick just the right car on the right day.

For the record, I don’t think it’s rude when people talk on their cell phone in public. To me, it is no different than people who have a conversation with a person sitting next to them in public. As long as it isn’t too loud, or too indiscrete, I don’t care.