My name is Robin and I was born and bred in NYC. I currently reside in Queens with my daughter.

I have explored many things, but have to say that motherhood, is by far, the most rewarding experience I have ever achieved. Watching a little human being grow and flourish, and knowing you had something to do with it, is amazing.

I can’t say there aren’t many things that I don’t want to try in the future, but right now, I’m enjoying my role as mother, mentor, and protector.

In my pre-motherhood life, before other responsibilities took me away, I was an avid traveler, an opera singer and religious explorer. I continue to be very interested in politics and how it relates to the little guy, particularly, bread and butter politics. I engage in a lot of conversation in various places, and have hosted a forum since 2001 called The Sapient Sanctuary. I’m not active there now, but the forum maintains a steady vibrant community.

I studied opera in college and pursued that for quite awhile. I even learned to speak Italian. I have studied a little bit of Buddhism, and am always seeking ways to improve my compassion for others and undergo transformation in order to effect positive change. Little steps matter and even if my effort brightens the day of one person, then I’ve achieved something great.

What does Roseba mean?

Roseba is a concatenation of my first, maiden and former-married name. I thought it was unique, feminine and clever. Well maybe not so clever, but certainly unique.

While I am no longer married, I will maintain my domain name since it is well established.